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Various snippets of code that I'm either working on or have worked on. When I've solved some problem, I try and post the solution up here, no matter how trivial. Perhaps someone will find the solution useful, but at the very least I know where to find the answer rather than trawl through old source code.



Whilst I am not a music, theater, film, or dance critic, I try and post my thoughts on any events that have interested me here.



Articles that don't really fit in anywhere else, especially random rants.



Mostly this shows me sitting at a desk. Not terribly exciting, and the update frequency depends on the company I'm working for's policy on external ftp connections. Currently this updates every thirty seconds.



This is basically an unfiltered version of the rest of the site. The occasional post will be tidied up and included in one of the categories above.



The Isle of Jura is a small island off the west coast of Scotland, it has a population of approximatley two hundred, has one shop and one pub, and is also where I grew up.