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Nested categories in DasBlog

Posted on 07-Jun-2004

A few people have expressed a desire to have nested, or hierarchical categories displayed on the front page of their blogs.

Limit max characters using javascript

Posted on 07-Jun-2004


I wrote this script as I noticed my users were receiving a lot of "Inserted value too large for column" errors.

I thought I'd preempted this by setting the maxchars attribute in all my <input type="text"> and <textarea></textarea> controls, but IE just seems to ignore it. I confess I haven't tested this behaviour on any other browsers.

The script utilises the onKeyUp() method, and basically trims off any excess characters from the specified control.

DasBlog checkins on the 21st of May

Posted on 26-May-2004

I've just checked in a couple of little changes to DasBlog, hopefully these will benefit others too

Lookup an email address using Active Directory

Posted on 26-May-2004

Based on some VB.net code I found on 123aspx.com, I knocked up a little class in C# that given a SAM account name, returns the first email address it encounters in active directory.

How to give an assembly a strong name

Posted on 26-May-2004

It's not hard, but as I had to learn how to do this yesterday while creating a sharepoint webpart, I thought it might be helpful to post the steps up here.

Change oracle data type

Posted on 25-May-2004

If you are involved with designing and maintaining any Oracle databases, you'll probably have come across the annoying fact that there is no straightforward way to change a field's datatype whilst preserving the existing data.

You can find the code here, there is no example as it should be pretty self explanatory.